What kids should wear when playing in snow

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — As kids get ready to head outside to make snow balls and slide down hills—parents are being reminded to make sure their kids have on enough layers.

Ahead of Friday’s storm, parents were shopping for hats, gloves and boots for when it’s finally time to go outside and play.

"Today has been crazy. Everyone of course is getting ready for the snow,” said Valerie Lamine, a store associate at Ski and Tennis Station in Winston-Salem.

Ramazan Ziba, the general manager at SRI Shoe Warehouse in Greensboro, said water proof boots have been so popular this week that the store has received additional shipments from its Raleigh location to keep up with demand.

Health leaders say clothing is an important way to protect your children from cold related injuries.

Dr. Darrell Nelson, emergency physician at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, says parents should think of protection in terms of three layers.

“Your first layer, your basic layer should be loose fitting. Traditionally people have worn cotton, but [that’s] not the best choice because when it gets wet, it loses its insulating ability -- long johns, synthetic materials are probably better,” Nelson said.

Nelson adds that the second layer is the insulating layer—something along the lines of fleece or wool.

The third layer should be tightly woven to prevent water penetration and wind exposure.

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