Owner apologizes for bringing roadkill to NC Chinese restaurant

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CONCORD, N.C. — Just days after bringing roadkill to a Chinese restaurant in Concord, the owner is apologizing for what he calls a “mistake.”

Sunny Chen told WSOC that he was the person driving the Nissan Versa that carried a dead deer to the back parking lot of China Fun over the weekend.

A woman took a picture of Chen’s vehicle behind the restaurant after seeing people in the car place a dead deer from the side of the road in the trunk. The woman said she recognized the car from it delivering food to her home, so that’s what prompted her to call police after she saw it behind the Chinese restaurant.

After her call, the Cabarrus County Health Department began investigating the incident.

Chen told WSOC that he stopped to pick up the deer on the side of the road because he had never tried it before. According to WSOC, Chen said he was never going to serve the deer at the restaurant.

“I will never do it again,” Chen said. “I wanted to cook it, eat it by myself, not to sell,” Chen said.

According to WSOC, the health department confirmed that the deer had been cut up in the restaurant’s parking lot and brought inside to the sink.

Health inspectors will continue to perform surprise visits at the restaurant and do more frequent inspections.

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