Latest weather models in — winter storm about to hit Piedmont Triad

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A winter storm with significant ice and snow is on the way.

Everything appears to still be on track with snow and some sleet starting late tonight after midnight from the southwest reaching the Triad near 4 a.m.

A gradual transition to more sleet and some freezing rain will advance from southeast to northwest during the morning (as a relatively warm layer moves in above the surface near 5,000 feet). The areas that stay snow and sleet the longest will be the north and northwest and therefore, higher snow totals.

Parts of Montgomery and Chatham counties and points south and east have a chance to get to 33 degrees and experience some non-freezing rain by late afternoon or evening.

The rest of us should stay at or below freezing leading to significant freezing rain potential.

Freezing rain will be heaviest over the southern and eastern counties where less will fall as snow and sleet. These are areas could reach near 0.50″ of freezing rain, enough for widespread power issues. To the north over the southern parts of the Triad, between 0.25 and less than 0.50″ is expected, still enough for some power issues (esp. in southern Alamance County). Over the northern and western parts of the Triad, freezing rain should run less than 0.25″. In our far northwestern counties, no more than a light glaze of freezing rain with most falling as snow and some sleet.

After a mix during the day on Friday, we expect colder air to move back into the 5,000-foot level when the winds shift at that level as the coastal low forms. This would then change remaining precipitation back to snow. There could still be some freezing drizzle at times when precip is light due to the precip forming in a lower part of the cloud that isn’t as cold.

The chance for snow showers will continue into Saturday with more in the north. I would expect 1-2 inches to be the average from these showers (less south where it should be patchy).

Sunday will be dry and good weather at the Panther game. However, Charlotte is probably going to have major ice problems and there may be some lingering issues.



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