Woman giving Greensboro house away; but there’s a catch — and it’s awesome

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Sometimes, it seems you can’t even give it away.

“I was disappointed in the attitude that they would think it was a scam,” Dannae White told us.

This story starts back a couple of decades ago. That’s when Dannae’s father, Flonzo Camack would, in his spare time, take to the streets to play his saxophone, trying to raise enough money to open a battered women’s shelter. Camack was quite the talent – even played with Duke Ellington – but he wasn’t able to complete his work before he died.

Now, his daughter is trying to do just that. She had an idea: What if I give away my entire home and everything in it, completely paid off … just hand over the deed?

"It's kind of a pay-forward type thing that she wants to do,” said her son, Damien.

All it takes is an essay about how you would use the house to make the lives of others better.

See the details here on Dannae’s Facebook page or here.

There is a $135 dollar entry fee, too.

Dannae plans to use the money raised from this contest to open her own home for at-risk youth – an expensive proposition.  And that’s the idea:  Since Dannae knows how expensive it is to run a home designed simply to help others (like the one her father hoped to open), she wants to help someone who can invest time, effort and money into helping others by making the biggest investment – buying a home – one they don’t have to worry about.