Stokes County woman ‘almost home’ killed in icy road wreck

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STOKES COUNTY, N.C. – A woman from Stokes County was killed in a single car accident just down the road from her home on William Fowler Road Wednesday.

The unidentified woman was almost home according to the Sauratown Fire Department when she had to come to a stop because of other wrecks on the road. The driver slid off the road and into a creek according to Chief Randall Patterson.

Patterson said woman’s husband was home at the time and heard the crash. Even though he rushed to help his wife, rescue efforts were unsuccessful.

There were no other injuries reported in those other two wrecks. Tow truck drivers were told not to try and remove those cars because of how slick William Fowler Road remains.

Chief Patterson said it would be a lot easier for those cars' owners to wait until temperatures warm up on Thursday before trying to get the cars moving again.

Road crews have salted William Fowler Road, which is used a cut through for busier streets according to Patterson, and it will remain open.

William Fowler Rd, Stokes County, NC