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Multiple shootings in two quiet Winston-Salem neighborhoods leave neighbors in fear

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- “Nobody knows who they are, where they are, and when they’re going to strike again,” were the words from a fearful homeowner after she says her neighbor’s home was shot at three times in the last few days. “What are you guys going to do, that’s what we’re asking the police, what are you going to do about this?”

“What are you guys going to do, that’s what we’re asking the police, what are you going to do about this?”

Residents of two neighborhoods, on opposite sides of Winston-Salem, are asking themselves the same questions. This comes after two separate homes were shot at on multiple occasions in each; one home on Turner Street, the other on Liberty Hall Circle.

“It’s an uneasy feeling to be here and go through this,” said Adriane Ingram, who lives across from the Turner Street home.

Ingram and other neighbors say the home was first targeted in the early morning hours of Friday. On the same day, a home on Liberty Hall Circle was shot at too.

“We’ve had enough of it. So, whatever’s going on, they need to go away,” Ingram said.

On Saturday, the Liberty Hall Circle was shot at again, with bullets being sent through the garage door and into vehicles. People living nearby say the neighborhood is normally quiet and a shooting -- or shootings -- are very unusual.

On Sunday, police say the Turner Street home was targeted two more times. The first shooting call came in around 6:30 in the evening.

“A lot of children play right here. We are a street of all these families and kids,” Ingram said while motioning towards the home. “Every time I’ve walked out this morning, I look right over there and I see that and that’s scary.”

Police responded and were on scene for about four hours. However, about a half-hour after they left, the home was targeted again.

“As I got ready to get up and reach for the door handle, pow, pow, pow, we heard gunshots again,” said Monica O’Neal, who also lives across the street from the Turner Street home. “That’s when it kind of like really hit home; like this is real, they’re after somebody.”

Winston-Salem police Capt. Doug Nance called the manner in which the shootings took place “unusual.”

Nance has assigned district investigators and the street crimes unit to look into the Turner Street shootings, which Capt. Natoshia James said is not believed to be connected to the shootings at the home on Liberty Hall Circle.

Nance told FOX8 his investigators are working to determine if the shootings were random and determine a motive. In the meantime, they have upped patrols in the area and all officers on oncoming shifts have been made aware of the situation and told to patrol the area whenever they are near.

Yet, residents remain uneasy; with O’Neal saying she “could walk out the door and be shot at any moment.”

Nance said it is going to take cooperation from the homeowners, as well as witnesses and neighbors who may have information. As of now there are no suspects, but police did say a compact white vehicle, believed to be a Honda Civic, may have been involved in the shootings on Turner Street.

“I don’t think they’re going to stop until they get whatever it is they’re looking for,” O’Neal said.

“We’re innocent people who have nothing to do with this and we’re suffering too because of this,” Ingram said. “There are just too many kids out here and too many possibilities for someone to really get hurt, or worse.”

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