‘It happened so fast’: A Piedmont mom’s warning for other people

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Darrena Strawder's Monday morning to-do list is far lengthier than she ever expected. She has put in hours on the phone calling her bank, car company, credit card companies and a locksmith.

"This would be the day, right? Something's wrong with their phone line," signed Strawder as she waited on hold during one of her many calls. "I'm just so frustrated, I'm just mad at myself. Anywhere else, I would have locked the door, anywhere else."

Saturday at about 6:45 p.m., Strawder popped into her favorite neighborhood store, the East Fairfield Market in High Point, for a soda. She pulled in right up front, her car door unlocked, her purse on the seat. Video from the store's security cameras showed a man walking around the side of the building, walking up and casually grabbing her purse. Strawder was inside the store, not 10 feet from her car, for less than two minutes.

"I lost more than just all the credit cards and stuff. He will never understand, but I lost a bracelet that just can't be replaced. It's all about memories. There's a charm on their for my stillborn son, for my other children," Strawder said, with tears filling her eyes. "I feel like he watched me go inside. I think women need to be aware to always lock your vehicle and to beware of people just standing around."

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