Piedmont families react to American Girl doll diabetes care kit

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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- Many girls living with type 1 diabetes are calling it a victory -- American Girl has released a diabetes care kit for dolls.

"I was just really really excited because I was able to have something to actually play [with] and not have paper instead,” Rebecca Dickson said.

"When I have it in my hands, I'm going to do everything I do exactly,” Emerie Hilton said.

Both Dickson and Hilton are fourth graders living with type 1 diabetes.

American Girl’s latest addition comes after Anja Busse developed a change.org petition asking the company to develop diabetic accessories for dolls.

The mothers of Dickson and Hilton both signed the petition.

Ellisa Dickson remembers signing the petition about a year-and-a-half ago.

“With Rebecca, she was already pretending that they had diabetes. She had made little pumps from paper and whatever little things she could find around the house,” Dickson said.

Hilton explained she also used makeshift items to mimic her doll receiving medical shots.

Since the diabetes care kit hit the market Jan. 1, the girls have been looking forward to using a tailor-made accessory.

“Our social media page went crazy. Families were sharing, everyone saying that they were ordering the kits for their daughters,” Christine Bresky, JDRF Outreach Manager, said.

The kit comes with a blood sugar monitor, insulin pump, glucose tablets and other items.

Farrah Hilton hopes this will help her daughter, Emerie (who is newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes), to become more comfortable with having type 1.

"Emerie struggled with am I ever going to be normal, why am I different,” Hilton said.

"I am hopeful for her that she will be seen as mainstream or normal again,” she added.

Both moms have ordered the kit.

The diabetes care kit is available online and at some American Girl stores.

The closest store to the Piedmont is in Charlotte at SouthPark Mall.