Mysterious snowballs seen bobbing under lake’s surface

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Sculptor and land artist, Dave Allen, posted a video to Facebook last Tuesday of mysterious snowballs bobbing under the surface of Sebago Lake in Maine.

Allen told ABC News that he was originally at the lake taking photos of the artwork he had made nearby.

“It was extremely interesting and even awe-inspiring in a way words can’t really describe,” Allen told ABC News.

The “waves of snowballs” appear to be large chunks of ice, but on Facebook Allen said he fished a couple out and they were very slushy.

“The area where this was shot had a small stone jetty that acted as a catch and prevented the balls from continuing on down the shoreline,” Allen explained. “It seems to me, that this had a lot to do with the snow from the storm somehow accumulating in this way, in this very particular spot.”

Allen said his best explanation for the “waves of snowballs” was, “that it was SO cold and windy, that when the snow hit the water, it didn’t melt, but instead, remained as slush on the surface. This slush then got stuck in this area, and through wave and wind action, turned into these very uniform balls.”

So far, Allen’s video has more than 2,700 shares on Facebook.