More than 500 pounds of dog food stolen from Triad animal welfare group

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A group that’s used to helping dogs, cats and people is asking for donations after having more than 500 pounds of dog food and all of its kitty litter stolen last week.

Office workers at the S.P.C.A. of the Triad said the break-in happened Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

A trailer which houses most of its donated food that the group uses to feed animals and give to families in need of pet food was broken into. The lock on the door was smashed.

“The lock had been hit with a hammer,” said Kimberly White, a board member for the animal welfare group. “It was on the ground and probably 500-600 pounds of food was stolen.”

White said the group does have another trailer so the group is not entirely out of food. Still, the S.P.C.A. is asking for the public’s help in helping it replenish its supply and catching whoever is responsible.

“They could be someone selling it,” said White. “With that amount, I wouldn't think that's something someone needs, that's someone who is selling it on the streets to make money.”

White said the thieves could also be trying to falsely return it to retail stores in search of cash back or a breeder in tough financial shape could be responsible.

The sad thing, though, is that the group that normally helps people who can’t feed their pets is now unable to do that.

“We'll gladly help you with food that's not a problem but it’s hard to feed your own animals when people are taking your food,” said White.

The group has replaced the lock on the trailer and has also started moving its company trucks directly in front of the doors of the trailer at night to prevent future thefts.