2-year-old girl dies two days after Christmas from eating small battery

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TULSA, Oklahoma — A 2-year-old girl in Oklahoma tragically died two days after Christmas from eating a battery the size of a coin, according to reports.

The Oklahoman reported that Brianna Florer died Sunday at a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her parents called an ambulance when she started throwing up blood and turning blue.

The child was taken to a hospital where she was rushed into surgery. Her cause of death is believed to be a button battery that she swallowed, which was seen in an X-ray of the child’s body.

“They operated on her for 2½ hours, but they couldn’t stop the bleeding,” said maternal grandfather Kent Vice. “They believed the battery ate through to her carotid artery by way of her esophagus.”

The official autopsy report is pending and the results could take months. Vice said he wants more to be done about button batteries.

“One minute she is perfect, and the next minute she is dead,” Vice said.

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