Here is the best ‘can you find the panda’ to hit social media yet

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Back in mid-December, a puzzle created by Hungarian artist Dudolf hit social media and took over Facebook.

The puzzle challenged people to find a panda among dozens of snowmen.

Many found the puzzle simple while others were tearing their hair out trying to spot the panda.

But Tracy Lynn Heightchew, of Lousiville, Ky., found the puzzle familiar. It reminded her of a picture that hangs over her kitchen sink.

She decided to post her own version of “can you find the panda” on Facebook Monday.

Can you find it? The panda is there.

“It’s a photo I bought at a thrift store,” Heightchew told The Huffington Post of the August 1978 picture that was originally snapped at a Junior Achievers National Conference in Bloomington, Ind.

The photo includes kids wearing silly glasses and some who are holding stuffed animals.

Heightchew told The Huffington Post that one day, the panda just jumped out at her.

“I love pandas, so the day that the panda jumped out at me, years after I bought the pic was a sweet day for me,” she said.

Still can’t find it? Scroll down for the spoiler.

Keep scrolling. Here it comes:

No turning back now.


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