Wet roads a pain on the road for Piedmont drivers

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FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. -- Slick roads from a day and night of rain proved troublesome for several Triad drivers.

While accident numbers weren’t up significantly, many drivers complained about ponding on the road and driving rain that limited visibility.

Some people like Ronnie Johnson said the rain kept him inside most of the day until he had to pick his wife up from work.

“I know when I go down Silas Creek Road to pick my son up there's going to be a lot of water there,” said Johnson. “Silas Creek is always very slick, and there’s always a lot of hydroplaning around there.”

Other drivers, like Linda Duncan from Bluff City, Tenn., was behind the wheel for a long day on the road.

“You know it rained on us the whole way, it’s just nasty driving,” said Duncan.

Duncan said there were several times that she and other drivers had to slow down to 45 miles per hour on Highway 421 from Boone. Despite the slower than normal speeds Duncan said she didn’t feel safe.

“If they would repaint the lines on the highway more often -- they let the lines get so faded out before they repaint them, until it’s very difficult to see the lines on the highway and that's a bad thing for all of us,” said Duncan.

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