World’s most obese man dies on Christmas morning at 38 years old

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SONORA, Mexico — The world’s most obese man died Christmas morning at the age of 38 after he suffered a heart attack.

The Telegraph reported that Andres Moreno suffered a heart attack as he was being taken to a hospital in an ambulance.

Moreno, of Mexico, weighed 980 pounds at his heaviest. He recently underwent surgery in October in hopes of slimming down to 175 pounds, according to reports.

Moreno had dreams of eventually finding a girlfriend and starting a family. He even reportedly walked for the first time in three years earlier this month.

Moreno said he started putting on weight after he turned 20. His wife eventually left him.

“I realized I was putting on more and more weight and getting bigger but it was like a snowball I couldn’t stop,” he said, according to the Daily Mirror. “I lost my wife, who I lived with for three years and left me because I was fat.”

The Daily Mirror reported that the previous record holder for being the world’s most obese man was Manuel Uribe, who died last year and once weighed 1,230, according to the Independent.

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