Mom accused of beating up teen after finding him in bed with her daughter

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MESA, Ariz. — A mother was arrested after allegedly beating up a 16-year-old boy she found in bed with her teenage daughter.

According to ABC 15, Jeanette Woods, 36, found the teen in bed with her 16-year-old daughter after they had consensual sex.

The teen told police he had fallen asleep and awoke to Woods punching him in the face.

Eventually, the teen was able to free himself and flee the room with only his jeans.

Once the teen made it to the street, he told police Woods threatened to have her cousins “take care of him.”

The teen left his belongings and his car at Woods’ home.

Court documents said Woods took a bat to the teen’s car, causing $5,300 worth of damage.

Woods also reportedly moved the 16-year-old’s car down the street.

Woods was charged with felony criminal damage, felony car theft and misdemeanor assault.