What to do with all of your extra holiday trash

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- In a few days, living rooms will be crowded with mountains of wrapping paper, tissue paper and boxes. Our holly jolly Christmas creates loads of extra trash, way more than Greensboro usually deals with.

"Absolutely a lot more trash and recycling this time of year, usually double," said Greensboro Waste Reduction Supervisor Alex Arnett.

So, what to do with it all? Tough to know. Chuck it into the regular trash, the recycling or take it to a special drop site?

"Tissue wrapping paper can't be recycled, it's flimsy. Not a high enough quality so it goes in the trash. Newspaper or thicker paper should be recycled. Gift bags might have layers of plastic or metal foil, so they can't be recycled, either. They go in the trash," said Arnett.

Cardboard boxes, plastic inserts that come in the toy packages and even all plastic toys can be recycled.

Frayed Christmas lights that have seen better days and old electronics don't go in either the trash or the recycling. There is a special drop site for them.

"A lot of these electronics have toxic substances like heavy metal so we definitely don't want that to be part of the recycling," said Arnett.

Greensboro has 20 drop sites around the city for what won't fit in your trashcan. For a list of those sites and to find out a complete list of what's recyclable and what's not, visit greensboro-nc.gov/recycle.