Pilot rescued from tree in Browns Summit

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BROWNS SUMMIT, N.C. -- Rescue crews worked for about two hours Monday afternoon to help a paramotor pilot who landed in a tree off Doggett Road.

"I was about 100 feet up and just spiraled," said Walter Knight, who wasn't hurt when he says wind forced him into the spiral, ultimately landing in a pine tree. "Immediately when that happens your kite comes in on the ends and you start spiraling."

Knight was stuck 45 feet up as crews made a plan on how to get him down. "I could hear them getting a plan together and executing it," said Knight. "I really do want to thank every single one of the persons who came out to help."

Paramotor is a sport that includes a small motor driving propeller on a backpack with a paraglider wing to help lift the pilot off the ground. Knight has been doing the sport for years and says he plans to keep doing it. "Definitely plan on going again, that's the kind of risk you take with this kind of sport."