Holiday traffic makes shopping tough sledding in the Triad

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The drive to get your Christmas shopping done can quickly hit a roadblock when you run into the kind of traffic now surrounding retail stores across the Triad including in Winston-Salem.

Hanes Mall Boulevard Monday looked like a parking lot at times as congestion clogged up the roads.

“I wasn't doing a lot of shopping but since I was out I decided to go check on some things that might still be available and they weren't,” said Betty Wagner.

Wagner found that driving directly into the chaos could bring some good results.

“I started to go to on Hanes Mall Boulevard and it was bad so I came back through the mall area and got over here so it was easier to come through the mall than go around it,” said Wagner.

David Rubio made the drive from Mount Airy to get his shopping done.

“We heard about all the sales and everything, we were working all week, we finally got a day off to come out here and shop,” said Rubio when asked why he put off Christmas shopping for so long.

Rubio works at The Depot in Dobson and said he’s glad he took advantage of his day off.

“It was full today, it was really full -- yeah we had to wait a lot in line,” said Rubio.

Others weren’t so impressed by the lines at the mall.

“I found a pretty good parking spot which I wasn't expecting and it’s not as crowded as I thought,” said Sarah Horton, a college student who got some of her shopping done in Charlotte while at school.

“I got some stuff for my best friend and my dad and I still have to shop for my mom,” said Horton.

Horton expects to avoid all the crowds this season even though there’s still more shopping to do. Others realize that’s nearly impossible.

“We're crazy waiting for the last minute to shop,” said David Martin, who had to drag his wife Renee out with him.

The only parking spot they could find was at the back of the Hanes Mall parking lot.

“We’re probably 50 percent of the way done with eight or nine gifts down,” said Martin.

When asked if he had any advice for any of the procrastinators who have yet to begin their Christmas shopping he said lace up your sneakers and be ready to walk from the far reaches of the parking lot.

“Merry Christmas,” said Martin. “And God bless America.”