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After 2 years out of the public eye, where is Richard Simmons?

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Richard Simmons (TMZ)

Richard Simmons has not been seen in public for almost two years and that’s exactly the way he wants it because he just doesn’t want to be famous anymore, TMZ reports.

Friends and family were so alarmed in January that they called the police, but the officers said Simmons was lucid and relaxed, TMZ reports.

Simmons’ representative told TMZ the exercise guru is “happily living life outside the public eye” and mostly keeping to the confines of his home.

Even at his famous exercise studio, TMZ reports that Simmons has been absent for well over a year.

The representative said Simmons is still committed to helping the “obese and overlooked” and is working “behind the scenes” on charity projects.

This is the last time TMZ ran into Richard Simmons:

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