North Carolina town plagued by smell of burning sweet potatoes after fire

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Sweet potato stock photo

FARMVILLE, N.C. – A North Carolina town is plagued by the smell of burning sweet potatoes that have been burning in a huge silo since Thanksgiving.

Farmville town manager David Hodgkins told the Associated Press that firefighters have constantly working on the scene since Nov. 27.

The fire is reportedly still smoldering after at least 25 million gallons of water have been sprayed on the silo.

Hodgkins said the fire doesn’t pose a health threat to anybody in the Pitt County town of about 5,000, but there have been complaints about the smoke.

Natural Blend Vegetable Dehydration owns the silo and dehydrates sweet potatoes which are mostly used in pet foods. The silos opened last year.

It remains uncertain when or exactly how the fire started. The investigation is ongoing.

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