Lawmaker pulled over in Archdale claims that troopers mistreated him

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ARCHDALE, N.C. – A lawmaker who was recently pulled over by state troopers in Archdale claims he was mistreated during the traffic stop.

WBTV reported that Representative Cecil Brockman (D-Guilford) was pulled over on Main Street in Archdale by Trooper JD Allred on November 30. Two other troopers assisted with the traffic stop.

Brockman was pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt and he did not have his registration on him. Dash cam video provided by WBTV shows the interaction between Brockman and the troopers.

“I just think it’s amazing that you can really write a ticket to a state representative who was literally at the First Citizens Bank just to here and that you guys literally think that this is any type of; I don’t know what you guys think this is doing. This is very frustrating,” Brockman said.

Allred asked Brockman during the stop if he had any questions. Brockman responded, “I’m very pissed off. I think if I was a white representative that you guys would’ve been like ‘ok, sorry sir.’”

A trooper then told him race had nothing to do with the traffic stop.

Brockman has since said that he believes the stop was excessive and that he deserves the same treatment as anybody else.

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