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Former Greensboro resident, convicted felon says he’s too sick to remain behind bars

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Stan Kowalewski (Image via the Greensboro News & Record)

ATLANTA — Federal authorities have scheduled an “emergency” hearing for today in Atlanta on claims by convicted con artist and former Greensboro resident Stan Kowalewski that prison officials are letting his diabetes spike wildly out of control.

Kowalewski’s lawyer wants him freed on bail to get proper medical care while he awaits sentencing for his recent conviction in a Greensboro-based scam that filched an estimated $8 million from investors that included schools, pension funds and hospitals.

But prosecutors suggest that Kowalewski’s woes are self-inflicted with candy bars, cookies, popcorn and other junk food from the prison commissary in a potential scheme to flee to Arabia and avoid his upcoming sentencing on 24, fraud-related felony charges linked to his local misdeeds.

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