Carolina Panthers surprise police officers, firefighters with several boxes of pizza

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A group of Carolina Panthers football players surprised several emergency workers with boxes of pizza on Friday.

The Panthers posted a video of the surprise delivery to their official YouTube page on Friday.

The Panthers delivered the pizza to thank the police and firefighters in Charlotte for “serving and protecting the city,” according to the video’s YouTube description.

In the video, the Panthers first stopped by the police department and then took the pizza to a fire station. The video shows the athletes hanging out with the firefighters and police officers, joking and laughing.

“I think it’s an honor for the Panthers to come say thanks,” said Charlotte Fire Station Four Captain Cory Schellhase. “We’re all big fans.”

The Panthers are 12-0 this season and are first in the NFC South. They face the Atlanta Falcons at 1 p.m. Sunday from Bank of America Stadium, a game that will air on FOX.