Mom surprised by experience with Guilford County deputy

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- An Archdale mom and her little girl were heading home from a friend's house in Summerfield last night when they had an experience with a Guilford County Deputy they just had to share.

Ashley Stone says she was being careful to watch for deer and got a little lost so she was driving very slowly and got confused when the road split.

“I didn’t know if there was a stop sign ahead so I slowed down, kind of did a rolling stop, and that’s when he turned his blue lights on.”

But she said the deputy just wanted to make sure they were OK. “He was very kind, he gave me better directions to get home, and then he saw Olive in the back seat and he asked if she liked to color.”

Of course, at three years old, Olive is a coloring extraordinaire. She was thrilled to get coloring book, crayons, rulers, and a junior deputy badge for her and her brother.

“I feel like he was a guardian angel, like he had stopped to watch out for us,” Stone added.

A professional photographer, Stone said she had to a get a picture of Olive with the officer. It’s been shared a lot already on Facebook and Instagram.

Stone said there’s so much negative news around law enforcement these days she felt compelled to share their positive experience on social media to say thanks.

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office told FOX8 the officer who helped them was Deputy Angelo Johnson. They said this is a perfect example of the great things deputies try to do for the community every day.

“We prayed last night for his safety, and I just thanked God we had such a good experience and met such a kind person. There’s just kind people out there.”

Olive even fell asleep clutching her new coloring book.

“I just wanted him to know we were super thankful,” Stone concluded.