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Police work to keep Black Friday shoppers safe

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- As shoppers in the Piedmont flood stores this Black Friday, police are hoping shoppers keep their eyes on more than just sales.

"Be on the lookout for anything suspicious," said Lt. J.P. Kimmel, of the Greensboro Police Department.

Kimmel says the start of the holiday shopping season is also the start of another kind of season.

"The potential is there for more car break-ins, more larcenies," he said.

Kimmel says security is being ramped up at shopping malls, parking lots and major stores across the city.

"Patrol cars, officers on bicycles, officers on foot," he said.

Earlier this month, Winston-Salem police also issued an alert to residents at a public safety meeting, telling them to be extra vigilant this holiday season.

Burlington police retweeted their "lock it or lose it" campaign, reminding shoppers to keep their valuables safe when loading up their cars.

"Doors are locked, windows closed and try to keep packages out of plain sight, in the trunk or somewhere safe," Kimmel said.

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