Coding school in the Triad offers career change, employability

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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- There's no typical student at Coder Foundry in Kernersville. The 12-week computer programming boot camp attracts people from all different professions.

But, they're all motivated by the hope of a high-skilled, high-paying job upon course completion.

Hema Mitra, a student at Coder Foundry, said she chose to go to the class after years as a stay-at-home mom.

"My kids go to school now, so I have spare time," Mitra said. "Since I can start working, I thought -- let's look for something that's going to stay. The latest technology."

Coder Foundry was created about a year ago by Bobby Davis. Davis said he founded the school because, at his own technology company, he had a hard time finding the skilled workers he needed.

"It was taking us about 25 people to interview to fill one position," Davis said. "The tech talent in the area wasn't here. Since we couldn't find them, we decided to build them."

Coder Foundry's three-month course comes at a cost of $10,000.

"It made me nervous in the beginning," said student Devin Feemster. "Because you don't know. You're taking a chance. But I have a lot of confidence in the instructors here."

But Davis said the prospects for employment justify the cost. He said a starting salary for a junior coding position can be $65,000.

According to, there are approximately 19,000 computing jobs available right now in North Carolina.

"Everyone that has passed the class so far has gotten employed," Davis said. "It's the most in-demand job there is. We're just trying to help people meet those demands in the Triad."

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