North Carolina mother outraged by book her son brought home from school library

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KNIGHTDALE, N.C. – A North Carolina mother is outraged by a book her first grade son brought home from his school’s library.

WNCN reported that Kay Walker is concerned after her son checked out “Amityville” from the school library at Lake Myra Elementary School.

The book is described as a graphic novel and is part of a series called “Junior Graphic Ghost Stories” published by Rosen publishing.

“I couldn’t imagine a teacher pulling this book off the library and sitting in front of her kindergarten or first grade class reading it to them,” the mother said.

Walker continued, saying, “It was talking about a man who murders his family and shows a man walking with his shotgun going to his parents and his sister and brother.”

Rosen Publishing described the book series on its website as having a second- to third-grade reading level with an interest level for grades 3-6.

“This is a gripping ghost story that will interest all readers and keep even struggling readers buried in its pages,” the publisher said of the book on its website.

The school has since removed the book from the library and a committee has been formed to review it. Walker wants the book removed from all schools in the school system.