Homeless former UNC football star dies after being hit by a car

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HAINES CITY, Fla. – A former University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill football star who got national attention after it was revealed he was homeless has died.

The Daily Ridge reported that Ryan Hoffman died after he was riding a bicycle in Florida and a driver accidentally hit him. Hoffman was in his early 40s.

Twenty years ago, Hoffman was a North Carolina offensive lineman. But his battle with mental issues and homelessness got him featured in a New York Times article earlier this year.

The paper reported in March that Hoffman has been homeless for more than eight months.

He has been addicted to drugs and alcohol, has been shot and stabbed and has been to jail, according to the paper.

After college, the paper reported that Hoffman worked various jobs including at a parasailing company, construction and fighting in the M.M.A. At the time, he had been laid off from his last job.

He was diagnosed with various psychological disorders and prescribed drugs like Xanax and Adderall. Doctors reportedly couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Hoffman told the Times that he considered himself lucky if he could find an abandoned house to sneak in to for the night.

“Sometimes, I just pray that a meteorite hits me,” Hoffman said, according to Times article from earlier in the year. “I think about drinking until I die and just lay down. But I need money to get a drink, so I need to work. A little bit of me still thinks there’s hope. I have some issues, but I’m still viable.”