Elon students condemn McCrory’s position against Syrian refugees

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ELON, N.C. -- Elon University students want to make it clear that Gov. Pat McCrory's anti-Syrian refugee sentiment does not represent all North Carolinians' views.

Monday, McCrory requested that no Syrian refugees be located in North Carolina.

Tuesday, Elon students responded.

They gathered on Elon's campus to write letters to the governor, condemning his stance.

"Would you like your family to be rejected?" wrote student Simone Royal. "And if so, how would you feel?"

"I feel like it's inhumane not to accept refugees," she added.

Sophomore Melissa Douglas, with the group Speaking Out for Syrians, organized the letter-writing campaign.

"I feel maybe people don't understand that these people aren't the terrorists," Douglas said. "They're precisely the people that are running away from the terrorists."

Elon student Duncan Patrick said he was especially disappointed by McCrory's words because he had previously been a McCrory supporter. He said refusing to accept refugees goes against American principles.

"They're displaced. They don't have anywhere to go. They have no homes. They have no families. They have no income," Duncan said. "America is a country that was founded on the belief that you can come here seeking refuge and seeking freedom. Right now there are 27 governors out there who are denying that freedom to people that want to come here."

Students plan to write letters for the rest of the week. The group Speaking Out for Syrians is also raising money to assist the relocated families.

"I'm not Syrian. I'm not a refugee. But I am human. And that's why this is a crisis that we should pay attention to," Douglas said.