Man describes Davidson County wreck that happened in front of home

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- To Roger Byrd, the thunderous collision between a tractor-trailer and small pickup truck unfolded in seconds.

"I saw both of them collide. It’s just a miracle that they are alive. If she would have caught him middle-way, she would have been a dead woman.”

Byrd was in his front yard when the late Monday morning crash happened outside of Lexington on U.S. 64.

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol says the driver of the small pickup truck somehow lost control and crashed into the big rig. While the small pickup came to a stop on the side of U.S. 64, Byrd watched as the tractor-trailer plowed across his front yard and then crushed a power pole. But to Byrd's surprise, another car would soon race across his property.

"It looked like a Toyota or Nissan or some small car. He said, 'I don’t know how I missed your trees' and I said, 'I didn’t even see you come into the picture,' ” Byrd said.

North Carolina State Highway Patrol Trooper Elledge says the third vehicle was able to drive away from the accident scene.

"The third car involved swerved to avoid the collision, minor scrapes to the front of the bumper,” Elledge said.

Power was lost for a few hours because the tractor-trailer crashed into a power pole. No serious injuries were reported. The North Carolina State Highway Patrol is looking into why the driver of the small pickup truck lost control.

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