Local family that helps Syrian refugees reacts to recent sentiments

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SUMMERFIELD, N.C. -- It's been more than a year since Zane and Lana Kuseybi welcomed a family of seven to Greensboro and into their lives.

The couple helped Hussein and Aisha Al-Hajkasem and their five children start a new life in America, after fleeing war and destruction in Syria.

"They have been thrown out of their homes,” said Zane. “They're living in dire conditions."

Hussein, Aisha and their children spent two long years living in refugee camps in Jordan.

"People are given rations for food,” said Zane. “There's no work."

Conditions Zane and his wife say millions of other Syrian refugees are still living in.

"These are human beings,” said Lana. “They are people. They are families trying to escape being slaughtered themselves."

But Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris have caused local leaders to question whether more Syrian refugees should be allowed to seek refuge in North Carolina.

On Monday, Gov. Pat McCrory announced that he's asking the federal government to stop sending Syrian refugees to the state, saying that federal background checks are not enough.

It’s a plan Zane and Lana are against.

"ISIS really wins when we become the ones that are in fear," said Lana.

Right now, there are 59 Syrian refugees in the state, 42 of them in the Piedmont.

Zane and Lana were born in the United States after their families left Syria decades ago.

"We feel like it's our obligation to help the people from where our families came from," Zane said.

The couple recently won the John Backer award from the nonprofit Church World Services for helping refugees resettle.

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