Truck drivers claim GSO company owes them paychecks

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Several local truck drivers tell FOX8 they were laid off from a Greensboro transportation company and never paid their final paychecks.

Tishon Lott is one of those drivers. He says they were first laid off from Mail Transport Service on Edwardia Drive three weeks ago.

"We were told we would get our paychecks on the first as normal... The problem is, came the first, we didn’t have our paychecks at all," said Lott.

He said the money is now twelve days late.

Suddenly losing his job and income has been very stressful for Lott, his daughters, and his disabled mother, who all live together.

"We were in the process of moving, we needed that money to make a down payment. So now we’re in a hotel. My car note is not paid. My phone is off. My kids they just got over a cold so we went to the doctor. I don’t have the money to get the prescriptions they need."

He added, "I didn't get paid, and I just want to know why."

FOX8 has talked to three drivers who said they are owed thousands of dollars.

The U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division in Raleigh confirmed they have gotten recent complaints about Mail Transport Service shutting down, laying off employees, and failing to pay them.

They are actively investigating those complaints. They ask anyone who is owed back pay to file a formal complaint by calling  1-866-487-9243 .

Thankfully Lott was hired by another trucking company but says he still wants the money he is owed.

"[MTS] just closed their doors. I know they’re going through it, too, and I feel sorry for them. But at the same time, my kids come first. My family comes first. If you don’t pay me my check, I’ve got to do something."

Lott and other former employees we spoke to explained one of the contracts MTS had was with the U.S. Postal Service to transport mail.

FOX8 has not heard back from the USPS about whether they are aware of the wage allegations or if the company is still under contract.

The CEO of Mail Transport Service has not responded to our requests for comment about the wage problems.

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