Fans sing the French national anthem as they evacuate stadium during deadly attacks

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PARIS – Crowds of fans sung the French national anthem as they evacuated the Stade de France during the deadly attacks in Paris on Friday.

At least 158 people are dead in attacks in Paris, including 118 at a concert hall, according to Fox News.

Police early Saturday freed hostages at a concert hall where 100 people may have died.

The attacks seemed to be planned to hit areas where many people would be gathered on a Friday night, officials said.

French President Francois Hollande, in an address to the nation, said he had declared a state of emergency, meaning borders will be closed. A mandatory curfew has been imposed in Paris, Fox News reports. It is the first since 1944.

People from inside the Paris Bataclan concert hall were posting on social media begging the police to come in, saying they are slaughtering people one-by-one, CNN reports.

A witness inside the concert hall told CNN, “It was a bloodbath,” saying the attackers would just look at people and then shoot them without remorse. Five explosions were heard in the concert hall, according to reports.

One person was arrested and that person told police he was from Syria and recruited from ISIS, according to Fox News, citing French sources.

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