Rain doesn’t stop Habitat’s Builders Blitz

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Habitat for Humanity in Greensboro is building five houses in only five days.

"You see it done on HGTV and we're just doing the same thing here," said Scott Allred, President of Precept Construction.

"It's pretty cool. You know, this usually takes a few months and everybody comes in here and works together and just gets it done," says Chris Faulkner with Freeman Electric.

Both Allred and Faulkner are on crews helping build the homes.

They're getting it done with this tremendous coordinated effort by more than a thousand individuals including area builders, sub-contractors and volunteers. It'sĀ one rainy day job people don't mind because on Friday, five families including 11 kids, will call the buildings home.

"This is kind of a whirlwind and it's really going to let them know that their dream is here," says Justin Williams-Blackwell part of the Habitat Construction Department. The dream was nearly delayed by the pouring rain.

"We made some adjustments and decided to frame the houses early [and] get them dry," explained Allred. Friday will be the end of a very quick build, and also, the beginning of something even bigger.

"It's really a game changer -- homeownership -- that is. [It's] something that will platform you to go to different levels in your life," Williams-Blackwell said.