Duke Energy wants fines against Greensboro church’s solar project

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The nation’s largest utility company has responded aggressively to the solar energy experiment at Faith Community Church, urging state regulators to impose a fine “up to $1,000” per day against the nonprofit group selling solar panels to the small Greensboro congregation, the News and Record reported.

A lawyer for Duke Energy submitted the suggestion for a hefty fine in the company’s response to the advocacy group NC WARN’s “test case” at Faith Community Church on Arlington Street, near downtown.

The case is pending before the North Carolina Utilities Commission, the appointed board in Raleigh that governs utilities statewide.

The power company said in its comments on the church project that NC WARN is simply breaking the law in its financial arrangement with the church, a so-called “third-party sale” in which the purchaser of solar equipment pays for the equipment by buying the electricity it produces from the seller.

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