Local middle school launches new anti-bullying effort

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Aycock Middle School in Greensboro has launched several new efforts to prevent bullying in school and online.

This month, they are focusing on anti-bullying. Today was National Unity today and staff and students wore orange.

Next week they’ll host Delete Day. “We are asking students to delete any negative or inappropriate pictures, posts, any personal information that they have on websites,” explained school counselor Dena Parson. “We’re also asking parents to watch their children to do it and asking them to sign a pledge that says bullying prevention goes beyond the walls of Aycock.”

Student Sarah Draughn said cyberbullying is all too common. “Sometimes I see people leave mean comments, post mean things, and tag people in the photo. That’s not right because bullying is very wrong. Especially cyber bullying, that’s becoming a huge deal now.”

They hope students understand parents’ worries about social and safety concerns online.

It seems to be clicking for students like Sarah. “If you delete it offline, it’s still somewhere because people screen shot things, record it, so it’s always somewhere.”

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