‘I had been pronounced dead’: Voice of Lexington Yellow Jackets returns

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Lexington, N.C. -- "My name is a name that is very recognizable in the City of Lexington."

That name is Roland Carter, and those who may not know his name, certainly recognize his voice. Carter has been the voice of the Yellow Jackets for 16 years. But six months ago he almost lost his golden voice. Carter and his wife got the shock of their lives when he went in for routine surgery.

"The doctor come out of the operating room and he shared with her that the code blue that she had just heard, he announced to her that it was me and that I had been pronounced dead and that they had lost me on the operating table," Carter said.

Doctors told Carter when they removed the breathing tube, blood dripped on his vocal cords, closing his airways. "There was about 30 doctors that ran in the operating room and they resuscitated me and brought me back."

Carter was in a coma for days. Finally, he snapped out of it, his wife by his side.

"She said, 'You left me', and I said, 'What do you mean?' She said, 'You died' and I was just in awe and I was just devastated because I couldn't believe what she was telling me."

Carter says one of the first things he thought after he woke up was if he would be able to return to Lexington's field.

"Will I be able to do ball games again? So I started humming a tune to see if I could really still sing and I said to myself, 'Yeah I can still do this.' "

Carter's voice is heard off the field, too. He's a member of the Original Sensational Airs, a Lexington-based Gospel quartet. Carter is the lead and a tenor. The group performs around the Southeast.

Carter says his voice is even louder now than before.

"I learned to be grateful, I learned to be thankful, I learned not to take life for granted because things happen daily in your life, and you know just the little stuff to be able to say thank you."

Today, Carter is again hosting camps, rehearsing with the quartet and this foodball season, you'll see and hear him on the field.

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