‘Pennies for Puppies’ fundraising jar stolen from Burlington store

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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- A Burlington store owner is looking for the man who stole a “Pennies for Puppies” fundraising jar right off his front counter.

Tim Marco is the owner of Grandaddy's Antique Mall. He was shocked to see how brazen the thief was; the whole thing was caught on camera.

Marco explains, “First he moves to the counter and removes the American flag from of the jar and puts that on the counter. Then he walks around for a minute and waits for nobody to be looking. The next thing you know -- jar goes under the coat, out the door he went, and he stole our 'Pennies for Puppies!'”

The money was meant for The Biscuit Foundation, a local nonprofit that helps human patients who are terminally ill and sick by caring for their pets and helping them get adopted when needed.

Marco believes there was about $30 in the jar.

"Sure it doesn't sound like much," Marco said. "You’re stealing from puppies, I mean who steals from puppies?” Marco questions. “It says right on there “Pennies for Puppies.” What’s he going to do next? If he’s willing to do that, what’s he going to do next; that’s my thing.”

Fuller added, “$20 or $30 is a lot. It can go to shots, it can buy dog food, cat food, a lot of our dogs and cats are older and on medication. It helps with medication. $30 goes a long way,” pointed out The Biscuit Foundation Founder Debbie Fuller.

She says they run on donations and every dollar counts.

Marco is posting the video all over social media hoping someone will recognize the thief in the video.

The Biscuit Foundation will have a booth set up at Grandaddy’s Antiques’ Yard Sale this Saturday, Oct. 17. They will be stationed at lot 89. The community can help by buying their items, dropping off pet food, money or gift cards from 6 a.m. until 2 p.m.