Missionary, originally from NC, murdered in Haiti

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JACKSON, Tenn. — A team of Tennessee missionaries are returning from Haiti on Wednesday after the tragic loss of one of their own.

Roberta Edwards, 55, originally from North Carolina, was shot and killed in her car, according to NBC News.

Witnesses reported that Edwards was driving in Port-au-Prince Saturday night when a vehicle blocked her path. Then, an armed gunman began firing into her car.

Haiti’s National Police said that a child around the age of four was kidnaped from her car. They are still working to find the child.

“We offer our condolences to her family and loved ones on their loss,” a State Department spokesperson said in a statement to NBC News.

Edwards had been working in Haiti’s capital city for several years, according to church members. She worked as the administrator of the SonLight Children’s Home, caring for about 20 children and running a nutrition center that fed 160 children twice a day.

The team of medical missionaries from Estes Church of Christ in Henderson, Tenn., had joined Edwards just 24 hours before the shooting happened.

Although their mission ended in tragedy, the church plans to send another, smaller team back to Haiti to counsel kids in the home.

“Roberta was a light to those in the community and dedicated to bringing hope to the hopeless,” a church spokesperson told NBC News. “She knew that she worked in a dangerous setting, but had committed herself to care for children in Haiti despite these risks.”

The investigation into what happened is still active.

Church members told CNN that Edwards’ body is still in the process of being trasported back to her home state of North Carolina.

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