Neighbors react after crime spree ends in downtown Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- People who watched an armed robbery suspect tear through their downtown neighborhood Tuesday afternoon said it could have happened anywhere.

Homeowners and apartment dwellers near Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive and Gorrell Street saw dozens of police officers descend on at least four different crime scenes within a half mile radius.

Police were after Isaiah Jurel Fox, 26, who was wanted in connection with an armed robbery.

Greensboro police said he stole or attempted to steal several cars in an attempt to get away. He crashed some of those cars and that brought him to the City View Apartments on King Street.

Police said Fox broke into an apartment either trying to hide out or find another car to steal. The person in the apartment told police he ran out and went to the office for help. Before police arrived Fox left on foot.

Fox then broke into a home one block over on Gorrell Street. Police said he assaulted a woman inside the home. She was later seen running from the home with her son in her hands crying for help.

“She was clearly very shaken up and frightened,” said Steve Bird, the woman’s next door neighbor. “Obviously I was a little frightened when I saw shrieking and screaming and running with her kid but I figured I'd get them inside off the street.”

Kent Riddle lives across the street and compared what he saw to a scene from a movie.

“I saw the lady come running out of her house yelling 'there's a man in my house and he's going to kill me' or something to that effect,” said Riddle.

Riddle said moments after that happened dozens of police officers were on scene. They tracked down Fox a few blocks away.

Fox was shot and is listed in critical condition. Two officers have been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into the incident.