Triad emergency workers preparing for more rain

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. -- Emergency workers throughout the Piedmont are preparing for more rain over the next several days.

They advise residents to be prepared in case of power outages.

Bryce McClenney and Jon Willis with the U.S. Geological Survey were measuring discharge amounts in the Dan River Wednesday.

"We try to get discharge measurements any time there are extreme events just to confirm we are reporting the correct numbers. It also helps out local municipalities and the National Weather Service to confirm when these peaks are happening and how high the river is going to get," McClenney said.

River Road and Dan Valley Road were closed most of the day due to flooding.

"More rainfall could make the situation much worse. We're right on the edge right now of people having problems and needing to evacuate; more rain could do that."

EMS and the Department of Transportation have crews on standby for predicted flooding Thursday morning and into the weekend.