Carly Fiorina serenades ‘Tonight Show’ audience with song about her dog, Snickers

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NEW YORK — GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina surprised everyone when she serenaded the “Tonight Show” audience with a song about her dog, Snickers on Monday.

Fiorina told Jimmy Fallon that she frequently makes up catchy songs and sings them to her grandchildren.

Her late-night appearance came just after another stellar performance in the second GOP debate last Wednesday.

According to the latest CNN/ORC poll, Fiorina’s performance helped her secure second place with 15 percent support, which is up from 3 percent in early September. She’s ranked just behind Trump who has 24 percent support.

During her interview with Fallon, Fiorina also discussed her views on the pope and religion.

Fiorina said she would support a president of any faith.

“It says in our Constitution that religion cannot be a test for office,” she said in the interview. “I actually believe people of faith make better leaders.”

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have also made appearances on the “Tonight Show” within the past week.

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