BBB warns about ‘Vehicles Store’ scam

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Officials with the Better Business Bureau say a company claiming to sell high priced items out of Greensboro is really trying to scam people out of thousands of dollars.

BBB President Kevin Hinterberger says it is a web business called “Vehicles Store.” The company claims to have an office on North Church Street in Greensboro, but the address does not actually exist.

“They're putting vehicles with codes and vehicle ID numbers on ads out there at a reduced price. The price sounds too good to be true. The consumer thinks they're getting this fantastic deal, so they jump at the offer,” said Hinterberger.

Hinterberger says in two known cases, the scammers asked customers for a $1,000 deposit. The scammers wanted payments in the form of prepaid cash cards.

“All the correspondences were done through chat or email. There was no way to actually speak to somebody. That's a red flag,” said Hinterberger.

Hinterberger says the website has been traced back to Russia. Similar sites have claimed to have store fronts in Richmond, Va., and Columbus, Ohio.

“If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you're looking to buy a boat or a vehicle and it's well below market value, that's a huge red flag that someone's trying to fleece you,” said Hinterberger.

Hinterberger says anyone with concerns about a scam should contact the BBB, FTC or the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office.