How to best help your kids with homework

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- This day at Brightwood Elementary, seated inside the library and eager to soak in the subject matter, the students are adults.

"Homework and school are challenging for the parent and for the student," said Guilford Parent Academy's Camilla Brothers. "Especially now that textbooks aren't being used as much. This is a great resource for parents."

Brothers led a workshop for the parents based on the book "Parent's Homework Dictionary." Each parent received a free book as part of the workshop. It's a handy resource for parents who want to help their kids learn. After all, just because you were a whiz at decimals back in the day doesn't necessarily mean you can easily nail it now.

"It keeps their memory fresh on concepts that parents may not remember completely, such as with math topics or how to conjugate a sentence, anything like that," Brothers said.

Brothers says she hopes the main takeaway for parents is that they need to be consistent with homework and to show their kids how important education is to them.

"It's just really important to have a schedule, same time every day, if possible. Don't have any distractions. Make ‘homework time’ quality time for you and your child. It's also very important to get to know their teacher and to work together as a team."

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