Home security camera captures attempted burglary in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A Greensboro homeowner says it's a good thing he installed security cameras outside his house.

That's because one of his cameras caught a man trespassing outside his home in the Hamilton Forest community. He received a notification from his security camera system that there was activity happening outside his home early Tuesday morning. When he looked at his camera footage, he was shocked.

A criminal is caught on tape trying to open the doors to the parked cars in the carport. The masked man then sees the camera recording him and tampers with the camera, then runs off.

The homeowner says the criminal didn't get away with anything. The camera managed to capture a glimpse of his face. The homeowner and police hope someone will recognize the individual and contact authorities.

The homeowner who captured this video has since installed more security, including motion sensor lights.

This attempted burglary happened on Tuesday, but police say last month there were two incidents of thieves successfully stealing from cars parked in the driveway of that neighborhood. In those cases police say the cars were unlocked. Authorities remind people to always lock their car and home doors.