Groom lip-syncs to mash-up of love songs for his wedding vows

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A groom who doesn’t usually get emotional decided to approach to his wedding vows in a unique way.

Jared Basham created a lip-sync mash-up of love songs to sing to his wife, Kyndra, on their wedding day.

In the video, Basham started out with normal vows before breaking into song.

He says, “I know that I struggle sometimes showing my emotions … and because of that, I vow to try to express how I feel to you in just the most creative and ludicrous ways and at the most inopportune times, kind of like right now…”

Then he breaks into “You’re the One That I Want” from “Grease.”

His groomsmen help him out with the All-4-one song “I Swear.”

Then, Basham ends with a bang — Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”

Basham’s friend told BuzzFeed News he wasn’t surprised by the groom’s unconventional approach to saying his vows.

“He has always been a really outgoing guy, if he had just performed his vows normally it wouldn’t have been fitting, it’s just not him,” he wrote on Reddit.