Greensboro sidewalk improvement projects in the works

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro's infrastructure committee voted 4-0 to contract with Yates Construction Company, adding sidewalk and safety measures along Florida Street and Randleman Road.

The contract went to the lowest responsible bidder out of Stokesdale for $1,404,548.83.

Greensboro Transportation Director Adam Fischer said adding 2.7 miles of sidewalk in that area is just a start of sidewalk improvements citywide.

"We're planning on adding 100 miles of sidewalk in the next 10 years. They'll still be some gaps out there that we're trying to catch up to. We'll catch up with those as soon as possible," Fischer said.

The project will install approximately 14,360 feet of concrete sidewalks, concrete curb cuts, driveways, retaining walls and safety rails.

Fischer said the money spent on the sidewalk improvements will come from the city and federal budget mostly from the 2008 bond package.

The item will now be sent to city council for a final vote. If the project passes construction could begin next spring.