‘All tucked in’: Mom shares photo of surviving conjoined twin after surgery

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DENVER — A mother who gave birth to conjoined twins in Denver last month posted the first photo of her daughter Hannah on Sunday.

According to KUSA, Amber McCullough, of Hastings, Minn., gave birth to conjoined twins at a Denver hospital on Aug. 26.

During a five-hour surgery, the twins — Hannah and Olivia — were separated. They were conjoined from the mid-chest to the pelvis.

Hannah, the surviving twin, lost her whole blood volume three times over during surgery, doctors said. Olivia was never expected to survive.

The photo of Hannah posted Sunday shows her “all tucked in” with a “comfy blanket.”

“Without the Children’s Hospital of Colorado, neither of my daughters would have had a chance,” McCullough said.

For updates on Hannah, check McCullough’s GoFundMe page.