SC woman snaps photo of ‘alligator’ floating along flooded street

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CHARLESTON, S.C. — A woman in South Carolina snapped a photo of what looks like an alligator or a log floating down the street Monday morning.

The photo, which has been circulating the Internet, has people in Charleston divided.

However, even the local paper The Post and Courier tweeted that the photo indeed looks like a gator.

Charleston resident, Allison McCutcheon, first shared the photo on Facebook.

McCutcheon told Mashable the picture was not photoshopped but explained that she didn’t get out of the car to verify that is was a gator.

“Is it really a gator? I don’t know it just looked like one. I surely didn’t get out and verify or take a closer look,” McCutcheon told Mashable. “I was just scared of trying to get through the streets — you couldn’t distinguish the ponds from the street and it was scary.”

Her friend, Leah Rhyne, told Mashable that there are a lot of gators in the area so it very well could have been one.

A spokeswoman from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources said she received multiple calls about alligator spottings Monday morning.

However, Dean Harrigal, the regional coordinator at the department saw the photo and told Mashable, “Not a gator. Looks like a roll of filter cloth or a log.”

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