‘We’re losing our nation’: Winston-Salem pastor speaks before thousands at SC religious rally

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COLUMBIA, S.C. — Thousands of people gathered at the South Carolina State House on Saturday for a “pro-family” religious and political rally.

SCNow.com reported that about 10,000 people attended the “We Stand With God, Pro-Family Rally,” which included speakers including presidential hopefuls Rick Perry and Ted Cruz.

Speakers preached against abortion and same-sex marriage and called for the country to have a spiritual awakening. Several attendants had Bibles in their hands.

Cruz and Perry reportedly vowed to fight the U.S. Supreme Court and Planned Parenthood. Cruz said “our nation is in crisis right now.”

“We’re losing our nation,” said Ron Baity, a Baptist pastor from Winston-Salem who spoke at the event. “And the ones who have the answer are the ones standing in the pulpits.”

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